How to choose the best Holiday photo card?

How to choose the best Holiday photo card?

One of my favorite part of the Holidays is sending and receiving cards. Photo cards are even so special as you get to see everyone's family pictures and see how their little ones have grown. In these days where everything seems to be digital, I love having the physical card of my loved ones’ picture in my hand. There's nothing more exciting than to open joyful mail from special people you care about.

Finding the perfect holiday card might seem overwhelming because there are so many options out there. The best way would be to find a Holiday card you like first and then take a picture that would fit in the design. But you can do things in reverse as well. Here are some tips as to how to find the perfect Christmas card for if you have already picked your photo.

Holiday Photo Cards


1. Look for a card with a layout that matches your photo layout. See if your photo is horizontal or vertical and if there is "empty space" on the top or bottom of your photo.

2. The card should have similar color scheme as your photo so it compliments your photo. However if you fall in love with a design but your photo colors do not work with it, try changing your photo to black and white.

3. If your photo is darker and you're looking at a full picture card, look for a design with lighter text and vice versa so you can read the text easier.

Christmas Photo Cards Holiday photo cards

4. If you want to showcase a snippet of all the fun from the whole year, choose a design with multiple windows for various pictures. Vary the pictures from a close up to some smaller family shots to add variation.

5. For cards with multiple pictures with different color schemes and lights and darks, choose a card design with a neutral color to compliment your photos.

Holiday Photo Cards

Hope these tips will help you find a perfect Christmas card design for showing off your family photos this year.

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