Stepping into autumn

by Tracie Davis October 07, 2019

Stepping into autumn

In mid-September I was driving in Michigan, just south of Grand Rapids, and got my first hint of autumn. Farm stands were stocked with pumpkins and potted mums and a few gold and orange leaves were fluttering of off otherwise still-green trees in the late summer sunshine. Autumn was still ahead of me and I anticipated the explosion of color that would soon be part of my days and remind me how much I love being a north country girl.

I also love how retail displays enhance the seasons. Walking into a shop like The Imagination Spot that has refreshed inventory with delights that complement the calendar feels like a celebration of life.

Fall - The Imagination SpotAutumn’s burst of colors run from deep magenta to an almost fluorescent yellow and when those colors are interpreted on greeting cards, journals, mugs, candles, tea towels and other goodies, you can’t help but feel warm and ready for all the season brings. Especially if what comes your way includes snuggling under a blanket with a steaming cup of cider/cocoa/caramel macchiato nearby and penning deep thoughts (or even a pre-holiday cleaning list) in a new journal.

Each change of season connects to our senses in new ways. I love pumpkin spice as much as the next person, but there’s much more to autumn than the delightful pumpkin spice praline ice cream I recently discovered. A woodsy or even campfire scented candle makes the earlier sunsets a little less melancholy. The stark contrast of Halloween’s orange on black (or purple on orange as an even more eye-popping color combo) brings energy to a season that is all about winding down.  

Tea towel

What I find most enchanting about this time of year, however, is how woodland creatures loom large in autumn-themed displays. Squirrels, raccoons, deer and foxes are trending in general right now, but seeing them among the colors of autumn makes me want to find the nearest woods and inhale as much nature as possible before the snow flies.

Art prints, stationery, gifts - The Imagination SpotAs you’re adding baked casseroles and roasted vegetables back to meal rotation, make time to stop by The Imagination Spot and find a little bit of autumn fun to share with a loved one or help yourself celebrate this glorious season.

Tracie Davis
Tracie Davis


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