Featured by The Paper Chronicles

We're very excited to see our Christmas cards featured on the Letter-writing campaign by The Paper Chronicles. Sarah Schwartz is the founding editor of Stationery Trends magazine. She writes about stationery and paper trends on her blog. I love The Paper Chronicles as Sarah not only promotes the art of hand writing notes through her campaign but also she features beautiful designs and paper products on her blog.

The Paper Chronicles

Here's one of the images of our cards Sarah shared. She wrote..."Thank you so much for sending these, Jasmine, the Simply Stated selections are so cute, and I love the rich texture of the Lino Cuts. I will hold onto these, and they will make...."

Check out The Paper Chronicles to read more and see more beautiful Stationery items.

We're so thankful to Sarah for featuring our cards and can't wait for some Stationery swag to come from her in mail. :)

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