Christmas Card Display Ideas

Who doesn't love receiving Christmas cards? I love getting snail mail especially at this time of the year. It's great to get hand written cards and notes along with pictures from family and friends. Why not display these cards as a part of the Holiday decoration in your house! I decided to do some research online and put together some pretty neat ideas for everyone. Here is a list of some of my favorites that I could find on the online world.

1. Evergreen Christmas Card Display from Better Home & Gardens - Set the cards in the branches of evergreen and add some pine cones for a beautiful display.

2. DIY Plywood Holiday Card Holder by Ambrosia Creative - Here is a cool DIY idea using plywood and some other basic materials to create your own display for Holiday cards.

3. Christmas Card Garland from Tori Spelling - Adorn your staircase with garland, decorative paper and Christmas cards just like this display.

4. Burlap Wreath from P is for Party - You can make this burlap wreath idea your own by choosing from various prints of burlap ribbons to match your decor.

Burlap Wreath from P is for Party

5. Christmas tree shaped cards wall decoration by Homelife - This is a very easy way to display your cards on a wall using Blu-Tack or something similar. You can add and rearrange cards and watch your tree grow.

Christmas Tree shaped cards wall decoration

6. Door Christmas Cards Display from Apartment Therapy - Tack a few ribbons on a door and attach the cards using clothes pins or paper clips to make this easy display.

Door Christmas Cards Display

7. Vintage Christmas Card Display from File Me Away - Here's another door display idea using a vintage style hanger and making some holes in it. This one you have to play around with the placement of the cards to balance the display just right.

Vintage Christmas Card Display

8. Christmas card display from Tilly's Cottage - Use a pom pom string from your local fabric store and hang the cards using ribbons.

Christmas Cards Display

Hope you will have fun decorating your house with all the cards your receive this year. Do you have any card display ideas you would like to share?


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