A note about product/artist submission
The Imagination Spot is a small stationery and gift shop. A lot of the greeting cards and stationery products we carry in our retail shop are created and designed by me. However we love carrying products from other small businesses as well. If you would like us to consider carrying your products, please read what we are looking for in brands below.

Brand Philosophy
The Imagination Spot brand is all about making people smile. We love helping our customers celebrate people and events that are important in their lives. Our products are not only fun and whimsical but also heartfelt. We also love products that inspire creativity and imagination.

We look to carry products from businesses that fit our brand philosophy. We do not carry products with swear words or insults in them. The Imagination Spot is our happy place and we want to create  a happy place for our customers of all ages

Features of brands we would love to carry:
* Fun and whimsical
* That make you smile
* Punny or that make you laugh
* With heartfelt messages
* Handcrafted and high quality
* Moderately priced
* Categories - stationery, desk, organization, celebrations, arts /crafts, kids, gifts for all ages

We do not carry items that are:
* Offensive and with swear words
* Cheaply made
* Craft show items that are more crafty rather than boutique store items
* Brands easily found on big box stores

Selling wholesale to The Imagination Spot
All of our buying is at wholesale price. Wholesale is 50% (or more) of the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). We love discovering new artists and makers but before submitting, please make sure your brand fits our checklist above.

To be considered:
1. Follow our social media or visit our shop to see if your brand will fit in.
2. Send us an email intro with a linesheet,  photo of your products and links to your website and Instagram. Please include your price list. If you send unsolicited samples, do not expect us to return them.
3. If we are interested, we will send you an email to request more info. If yo do not hear from us, feel free to follow up in a week via email.
4. Please do not call the store to try to sell us stuff. If you’re going to walk in the store and it is busy, please do not approach the staff.

Since we have limited space in our retail shop, we carefully curate the items we bring in to our shop.  After reading all of the above, if you feel like your product line will fit in The Imagination Spot, you can send your info to us at with the subject line “Product Submission”

Thank you again for your interest in The Imagination Spot. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing your inspiring creations!