Unique Valentines Day GIft Ideas From Etsy- For Her

Hello friends. January is almost over and I hope you have had a great start to this year. Heading into February the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is Valentine’s Day.

This is the prefect time to celebrate the people you love or care about. However it can sometimes be challenging to thinking of new and exciting ways to express your love on Valentine’s Day. Will it be the last minute chocolate or flowers again? Or a dinner out?

Why not surprise that special someone with something unique this year from Etsy! Being a maker and Etsy shop owner myself, I love promoting other small makers and sellers. Here are some unique Valentine gift ideas "For Her" from Etsy. Check out my blog tomorrow for some gift ideas "For Him" as well.


Valentines Gift Guide For Her

1. Heart Sweatshirt -

2. Red Heart Bag - sevenonesixdesigns

3. Love Letter Earrings - Poptone

4. Leather Tassel Keychain - Permanent Baggage

5. Gold/Silver Mantra Cuff Bracelet - Wearable Mantra

6. Red Heart Crossbody Bag - Golden Ponies

7. Pink Peonies Travel Mug - Sweet Water Decor

8. Rose Gold Necklace - Vintage Stamp Jewels

9. Valentines Day Makeup Bag - My Wedding Flare

10. Good Morning Beautiful Mug - Mugs By Thugs


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