So Grateful for you

So Grateful for you

When someone asks me what's the best thing about owning The Imagination Spot, my answer is usually "our customers". We love helping you find what you are looking for as well as getting to know you. We get to see some of you quite often and we love talking to you, hearing about your day and how we can serve you better. We are so thankful for all of you.

We are so grateful for you - The Imagination Spot

I also tell everyone that we have the best customers in town! We really appreciate your support as well as your kind words about our little shop. A few weeks ago, we received a surprise note from one of our customers in the mail. This note just made not only mine but my whole team's day! Our customer, Sarah, sent us this delightful note along with some unique stamps for our stamp collection which you can purchase at our shop.

Customer appreciation - The Imagination Spot

In this note, Sarah also requested that we mail our monthly events to her. We thought that was such a great idea. Our mailboxes are usually full of bills, so wouldn't it be really nice to get some happy mail instead? We would love to occasionally send some surprises to you the snail mail way!

Snail Mail - The Imagination Spot

How about something in the mail on your birthday or just a little note? If you would like to receive some snail mail in your mailbox, please click on the link below to complete your profile on our site. Just use the email you have used in our shop to create the online account and it will update all your loyalty points as well. Make sure to add your full mailing address and birthday in there too so we can send you some surprises.

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