Send some love to Vals, gals and pals

Send some love to Vals, gals and pals

Like so many things, Valentine’s Day was on the Change Express through the last decade. Leslie Knope of “Parks and Recreation” introduced the world to Galentine’s Day: observed on February 14 and all about showing the love to your girls, your gal pals, your female besties. Inclusion is a concept that was championed and embraced in the previous decade so it’s only natural that “Pal”-entine’s Day has rounded out the February 14 celebration of love.

In short, and all rhymes aside, why shouldn’t there be at least one day a year where every type of love is expressed? Palentine’s Day makes it oh-so-easy to connect with a secret crush by sending a humorous seems-platonic-but-maybe-it-isn’t card. If it’s a challenge to get your girl gang together due to family, work and other commitments, sending every member of your troop a Galentine’s card is a way to reinforce the emotional cement that binds you together. And for the good ol’ classic romantic love relationship, a Valentine’s card with a handwritten note personalizes the flowers or candy that would otherwise not do justice to your feelings.

Best Buds - Galentines Card

When it comes to choosing a Val, Gal and/or Pal card or gift, starting with what you’d like to receive never fails. The circle of communication has to start somewhere so be that person who takes the leap when it comes to the message. What do you hope your Valentine, Gals or Pals feel about you? Turn that around and send that love to each of them.

I’m a firm believer in hiding behind cards and letters. I pour it all out on the page and wait for the reaction when the recipient reads my words, often in front of me. Never has what I’ve written been cause for any embarrassment other than tears of joy that flow so freely that mascara ends up on someone’s clothes. Always has the recipient been grateful for the sentiment I’ve shared, even if I can’t bring myself to say it out loud.

Valentine Cards - The Imagination Spot

Finally, Vals, Gals and Pal-entine’s day falls on the perfect time of year: mid-winter, in the middle of too many gray days to count. Warm words, sweet treats, lush bouquets and a dinner someone else cooked are balm to a soul that is overloaded with frigid temps, icy roads, sidewalks that need shoveled and stormy power outages.

Don’t waste a day that allows you to make someone feel loved. Start your list of who you will express, at the very least, your sincere and emotional appreciation to and spend some time devising the perfect expression of love.


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