Getting ready to celebrate our 3rd Birthday!

Getting ready to celebrate our 3rd Birthday!

Friends, I can't believe we are getting ready to celebrate our shop's 3rd Birthday in a couple of weeks. These three years have been an amazing journey for me as a small business owner.

It all started with a little dream of having a small studio space where I can create my stationery and designs and also have a little stationery shop where I can bring in other small makers and stationery designers' products. I still remember the day when I signed my first lease and got the keys of our original location. A few months later, on June 7th, we opened our first location.

Jasmine Wall - Got the keys of my shop - The Imagination Spot

Opening Day 2019 - The Imagination Spot

The Imagination Spot - First storefront location

2019 First Location - The Imagination Spot

Our first location was just the perfect size for me to start. I had a little office where I worked and created my designs all day and then this retail front which now looks so bare. I love seeing these pictures from 2019. Some of you might remember visiting us at our old shop.

Being an artist, starting a new business was a big adventure. Learn every aspect of running a business was overwhelming but very rewarding. I loved talking to our customers and helping them find what they were looking for. Within the first 6 months of starting came the Covid pandemic. We all know the challenges it brought for small business and everyone else. With the help and support of our local customers and other local business owners, we made it through that year.

My dreams were getting a little bigger. I wanted to create a space that was fun, creative as well as inspiring for all. I could just picture a space where everyone comes together and creates. I was looking around for spaces in Goshen where we could host workshops. After 2 years of being at this location, the perfect spot opened up right across the street.

Last June, The Imagination Spot moved to our new current location. I love being in this spot as it is very bright and cheerful. We can still smell the wonderful scents of my friend Jenny's Soapy Gnome shop that was here before us. Seeing my old location from the windows gives me encouragement and reminds me of all the hard work that has gone into this dream of mine.

Grand Opening 2022 - The Imagination Spot

The Imagination Spot storefront - Goshen

In this 3rd year, we have been able to expand the product selection and bring many new small makers as well as some known brands into our shop. My small business life has got even busier. I am struggling a bit with time to create new designs but at the same time I love curating unique products into our shop.

The Imagination Spot - inside shop view

With more products in our shop and more responsibilities, my one person business has expanded with a wonderful team. We had a great Holiday season with this team ast year. Since then some of them have moved on to fulfill their dreams and I am glad that The Imagination Spot was a part of their journey.

The Imagination Spot team 2019

Since opening last June, we've been working on my dream of creating a space that will be inspiring for all. We are so excited to be able to bring in local makers who teach their craft to our community. We've been hosting workshops for all ages including painting, calligraphy, stained glass, jewelry making, macrame and more. I have been able to teach some stamp carving and lino-cut workshops as well. We also host a free kids craft on every First Friday. We just love seeing our community learn and create together. I can't wait to collaborate with more local makers and bring a lot more creative workshops and events to Goshen.

Creative workshops and events - The Imagination Spot

CreativeWorkshops -The Imagination Spot CreativeWorkshops -The Imagination Spot

CreativeWorkshops -The Imagination Spot

Being a small business owner is full of challenges as well as accomplishments  and celebration. Working late evenings and weekends has become a part of my life. I really appreciate the support of my family and friends who has been with me throughout this journey and have helped me get to this point.

I am extremely thankful to all of our customers and the community. Without your support and love, The Imagination Spot would not be here today. I am enjoying this journey and dreaming of more things to come in the future.

- Jasmine Wall

3rd Birthday Customer Appreciation

Join us on the Goshen’s Sidewalk Days weekend to celebrate our 3rd birthday! It will also be one year since we moved into our new location. We are extremely grateful for all the love and support from our customers.
TO CELEBRATE YOU, we are excited to have lots of Customer Appreciation Specials all weekend! Come PARTY with us!
See more details of our celebration event and RSVP here.


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