Series of custom watercolor prints

Watercolors is one of my favorite mediums to work with. So it was really exciting when I got this order for a series of custom watercolor prints. It felt great getting my watercolors out after about a year or so. I love this watercolor set which is over 20 years old. I still remember using this when I was in art school in India. And I can't believe I'm still using it. I do add new colors in it as I run out but some colors I don't use as much are the originals.

Working on the series of custom watercolor prints was very exciting. The theme for the series is bringing the nature and lakeside living inside the house. I wanted to share the step by step process of one of the prints here. Here is my process for painting the fish. I loved working on these and I think I will try to incorporate more watercolors in some of our future projects.

Hope you enjoyed the process. I will be sharing the rest of the prints from the series soon. Prints of this watercolor painting and more from this series will be available in our shop in September. If you are interested in custom prints for your decor, feel free to contact us.


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