Spring Themed Block Printing on Japanese Paper

Even though this winter seems to never end, we all know spring is almost here. So this week I decided to work on some spring themed art. With the "Made By Hand Spring Show" less than a month away, I hand printed a lot of cards in the last few days. Here are a couple of designs I finished printing.

These designs are printed on Japanese Chiri paper. The word "chiri" means leftovers and refers to small bits of the outer black bark of the branches (usually kozo). Kozo paper is made from renewable branches of the kozo (paper mulberry) bush. I love the texture and feel of these paper. These papers are also excellent for block printing. I bought the paper at The Paper Place in Toronto.

So far I am loving the Chiri paper. I have few more Japanese paper to try printing on.  Will be posting more designs as I work on them in the next few weeks.


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