Studio Series Artist Brush Set - 12 pack

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Set of 12 professional-quality artist's paint brushes are great with both watercolor and acrylic paints!

• Soft nylon bristles retain their shape through painting and cleaning.
  • • Double-crimped ferrule for a sturdy, long-lasting brush.
  • • Versatile range of brush shapes and sizes for fine details, broad-area coverage, and texturing.
  • • For fine art and crafting alike!

  • To care for brushes: Wet brush before first use to remove protective glue. Rinse brushes periodically as you work to avoid paint drying on bristles. Lay flat or stand with bristles up to dry. Do not leave brushes standing in water or store with bristles down, as this will damage them. When you finish painting, wipe brushes with cloth or a paper towel and rinse with lukewarm water until water runs clear, with no trace of paint. Some pigments may stain brushes, which does not otherwise damage them. Use a small amount of mild soap if needed.

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