Calligraphy Pen Set


For over 100 years, Speedball has been a trusted name and continues to produce handcrafted nibs for the calligrapher, letterer, and drawing artist, just like in this beautiful calligraphy pen set! This set comes with an instruction booklet to introduce your new pen set and get helpful tips on lettering and drawing methods

  • GREAT FOR BEGINNER CALLIGRAPHY, SCRIPTS & EMBELLISHING - Ideal for learning the arts of calligraphy, lettering, ornamental work, and embellishment; Excellent for Roman text and Italic alphabets.
  • TRIPLE RESERVOIR NIBS - Designed to allow for increased ink capacity and extended, smooth, uninterrupted ink flow.
  • FLEXIBLE PEN POINTS - Provides maximum amount of control
  • QUALITY, HAND-CRAFTED NIBS & PEN POINTS - Contains (4) C-Style Nibs (C1, C2, C3, C4), and (2) Pen Points (No. 101 and No. 512).
  • INCLUDES PEN HOLDER - Includes (1) Standard Pen Holder.

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