Double Ended Colored Pencil Set - 24 Colors

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2 of A Kind Colored Pencils is a set of 12 colored pencils that are double ended so there are 24 colors total. When one color isn't enough, you can call upon two with this double-ended colored pencils that allow you to have two different colors in one pencil!

The best part is that each pencil features complimenting colors on each side so you can easily find like colors for your coloring project. 2 of A Kind Colored Pencils are great for carrying lots of colors with little space so you can take your coloring on-the-go. This awesome set is a great gift for kids or adults for any occasion.

  • Double Ended Colored Pencils
  • Pencils with Complimenting Colors
  • Lots of Colors with Less Pencils
  • Set of 12 Pencils with 24 Colors Total

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